The Legend D.J.


This D.J. was the best! He always has a smile on his face & did everything that was asked of him. He had every song we wanted and did a fantastic job making us money for the Dollar Dance. He made us $1400, as he suggested it was the 21st century and it should be the $5 Dance. He got people to give us up to $100 as he convinced them to not be out done by whoever. The laser show was great. Great job.
Steve Beberg             763-286-1439

Rockin’ Bakken did the best I had ever seen. He did a party for us and everyone was dancing and enjoyed themselves! He had all the songs we requested and his show was great. Nice light show too. He was a nice person to deal with!
Roxanne Lanphere     612-237-4879

We had a very fancy reception and requested quite a bit from him. He managed to do all that was asked of him and more. He did all the announcements we needed and played all the songs at the right time. Everyone had a great time and loved him. We made over a thousand dollars on the so called dollar dance!  Best D.J. I had ever seen!
Toni Pessek             218-562-4995

Phenomenal! That’s what I would say to describe this one and only D.J. He had everyone in stitches with his comments. His light show was great. Laser & fog were done just right and at the right times. He had every song we wanted and new just what to play at the right time at our reception. Very professional. High grades for this D.J.
Bonnie Hinkley         612-802-7794

We had an outdoor party and wanted a variety of music to be played. He had everything we wanted. 50’s thru todays music. Unlike most D.J.’s that use discs, his system was all on his computer and the songs were one right after another. Even requests were played as soon as asked for! Laser show and fog were great. Great entertainer too.

Georgia Clausen         505-796-9033

My company was having a summer business party & Rockin’ Bakken was mentioned to us. I remember him from performing at The Commander Bar in Breezy Point for 12 years. I knew he would be the right fit for us and he was! He had the whole crew jumpin’.Great lights and what a sound system. This guy is perfect for any occasion!

Tania Hoven             612-396-9088

I am a very picky person and wanted the best D.J. for my wedding reception.Rockin’ Bakken was recommended to us by a friend and boy was that a great move for us. He did all the rituals of a wedding and had the best sounding equipment I have ever seen. Lights, music, his big smile had all of us loving the evening. I highly recommend this D.J. for any event you may need.
Richard Hanson         720-981-5435

Our group needed a great D.J. Karaoke person to fulfill our needs at a corporate function. This guy was the main man. He was perfect for what we needed. Music, lights, sound, & personality. This guy never, and I mean NEVER, stops smiling. A 1 + for this D.J. This was the BEST D.J. I had ever seen!
Vicki Chadwick         214-987-3910